My Hero Academia Shares the Surprising Reason Izuku Went Solo

Izuku Midoriya grew up wanting to be a hero like his role model, and fans know how close the boy is to reaching that goal. He may not be the Symbol of Peace yet, but Deku has gone through hell in just his first year at UA Academy. The My Hero Academia manga has been following his most harrowing adventure yet this past year, and it seems fans just got a reason for his most aloof decision yet.

If you are caught up with the series, then you know My Hero Academia put out chapter 309 recently. It was there fans met with the boy as he continued his work alone in Tokyo. Villains are still on the loose follow All For One's escape, and a short flashback explained just why Izuku decided to work solo after the Raid arc.

my hero academia

As it turns out, the hero is more worried about the others than he is himself. He may have a huge target on his back, but Izuku is determined to keep everyone safe even when in the line of fire.

"I'm not going back to UA. Shigaraki has the ability to locate me. It wouldn't even come as a surprise if he showed up to attack me right now," Izuku told All Might and his mother during the sequence. "But I don't want anyone else to get hurt. If they reach full strength, things will get worse than ever which is why I have to stop Shigaraki and All For One before that happens."

Clearly, Izuku has his head set on saving the country all while keeping everyone safe. He is the kind of person to put others before himself, so this selfless decision comes at no surprise. It seems Izuku has been busy during his solo period, and his powers have grown considerably. So if My Hero Academia fans are lucky, he will be reunited with his Class 1-A allies before too much longer. There is little doubt others like Bakguo and Ochaco are taking the time to level up their own quirks while Izuku is doing his own thing, so readers will have that to look forward to as well.


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