My Hero Academia Reveals Lady Nagant's Gifted Quirk

If you haven't been paying attention to My Hero Academia, you should know things have gotten really intense in its current arc. While season five focuses on its own story, the manga is miles ahead with its take on Izuku. The hero is going it alone in an effort to save society, but a hired gun just made things harder for Deku thanks to her gifted quirk.

After all, this is a new world we live in, and All For One is back on the scene to gift out quirks. Lady Nagant was given one to work with after agreeing to help out the villain. After being broken out of Tartarus, Lady Nagant was dangerous enough as is, but All For One gave her the power Air Walk to make her even more deadly.

My Hero Academia Lady Nagant All For One Assassin Spoilers Explained
(Photo: Shueisha)

The quirk is as simple as it sounds. Air Walk allows its user to walk through the air, so they can run and jump just about everywhere. This eliminates any need for Lady Nagant to locate a sniper's perch, and that is important given her natural quirk. Lady Nagant was born with the ability to turn one arm into a sniper, and her bullets come from her insanely strong hair.

With Air Walk at her disposal, Lady Nagant has become a serious threat. She is enough of an issue to cause Hawks alarm, and Izuku has been cornered by her solo. Lady Nagant can run through the air to aim shots at Izuku, so any plans for a long-range escape have been bunked. And if he hopes to fight in close range, well - Lady Nagant must have surprises up her arsenal still.

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