My Hero Academia Gives Fans an Adorable Look at Froppy's Family

My Hero Academia did the world a great favor when it introduces Froppy to the world. The hero-in-training is one of the most popular kids of Class 1-A, and fans are always happy to see her. Sadly, the heroine has had to contend for screen time as of late given the series' growing action. But thanks to a recent light novel, fans got an update on the girl that has got everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

The light novel summary comes to fans overseas from aitaikimochi. The Twitter user has become a go-to source for My Hero Academia translations, and she summarized part of the series' School Brief light novel. It was there fans watched as Class 1-A kids were given a weekend to return home, and Tsuyu had a rather peaceful evening with her family.

The summary reintroduces the Asui family as Tsuyu is reunited with her two younger siblings, Samidare and Satsuki. Fans follow the heroine as she wonders how her brother and sister have been since she moved into the dorms at school. She used to take care of them and the home given her parents' jobs, so much of the housework fell to her. But when she gets home, Tsuyu finds her brother and sister doing just fine.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

In fact, her brother is cleaning the bathroom. If that is not impressive then what is?


The quiet interlude gives Tsuyu time to reflect on her home life and touch base with those she loves the most. Not only do her siblings show her great affection, but it is nice to see Tsuyu take lead as the oldest sibling. She is as protective as ever, and when dinner nearly goes south, she is the one to save the day with soba noodles. And if My Hero Academia wants to give fans more moments like this in the main manga, they would not say no!

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