My Hero Academia Shares Izuku's Idea of a Best Date

My Hero Academia has seen Deku struggle with the power of One For All throughout the majority of the Shonen series, but now, Izuku has to struggle with a brand new problem in being loved by a villain. With the blood-drinking Toga revealing her feelings for the star of the series, Izuku describes what he thinks of as a perfect date when faced with the revelation that one of the biggest members of the League of Villains has loved Midoriya since the moment that they first met.   

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 348, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some spoiler territory.

The plan that the heroes had for defeating All For One hasn't been perfect, with one of the biggest flaws in their plan coming as a result of Toga pulling in Izuku into the portal that transported her away from her villainous comrades. With Toga revealing that she is in love with Deku, and has been since the "moment she first saw him", Izuku can barely wrap his mind around what is transpiring. The Shonen protagonist is the object of Toga's desire thanks to being covered in blood when they first met, as well as looking like her first crush.

As the member of the Paranormal Liberation Front expresses her love for Deku and desire for him to be her boyfriend, Deku attempts to process that fact by stating what he thinks a typical date entials:

"Boyfriend? Like a guy you take to the amusement park for a date? Who you hold hands with? Who you split a crepe with?"

Of course, this is made all the more ironic that Uravity is by Deku's side during this fight, with Ochaco long holding a crush on Midoriya even before he truly mastered the power of One For All. With Toga realizing that they can never truly be together thanks to their views of the world, Froppy interjects and gives Izuku the perfect opportunity to make a quick escape, hopefully leaving to lend his friends a hand with the deadly threat that is Shigaraki. 

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