My Hero Academia Fulfills Prophetic Meme with Season 4 Finale

My Hero Academia season 4 has now ended, and it not only gave fans a thrilling battle in the finale, it also set the stage for some major new mysteries to unfold in season 5. You would think with all that fans would have plenty to obsess over - but one of the most celebrated parts of the episode was seeing a minor character who became a major meme icon, finally get his moment in the anime! That character was none other than "Meme Hero" Can't-Ya-See-Kun - aka the kid who cheers on the new No. 1 ranked Pro Hero Endeavor, as he is in the fight of his life against a deadly new intelligent Nomu!

Kun originally got famous in the manga when fans noticed that My Hero Academia creator Kōhei Horikoshi had concocted a new little subplot into Endeavor's first big battle as the No. 1 hero. Kun was a boy who shows up on the street to greet Endeavor, following the New Pro Hero Ranking Billboard event. Endeavor, trying to copy All Might's image, tries a friendly approach to the greeting the boy - but Kun instead calls him out, saying that gland-handing isn't in Endeavor's character.

It's therefore even more special when Kun shows up again soonafter, during Endeavor's big fight. The Intelligent Nomu is beating Endeavor down, and the news anchor covering the battle starts to panic (in turn panicking the public), thinking Endeavor is down. It's Kun who runs up to the camera and demands the news anchor take a second look, and how Endeavor keeps getting up again and again and again, battling for their protection. "Can't Ya See?!" becomes the line that forces the world to see Endeavor in his greatest moment of triumph, and solidifies his debut as the new No. 1 hero, and a noble successor to All Might.

Kun becomes a star in the world of the manga - and now he's a real world star, as well. There is "Can't Ya See?!" Kun merchandise you can buy right now, and the kid has (as stated) become a meme sensation. Now millions of fans of the My Hero Academia anime know why.


My Hero Academia season 4 is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation.