My Hero Academia Finally Brings Back Mei Hatsume in Latest Episode

While U.A. Academy's Sports Festival was initially meant to give a chance for the students in the Hero Course time to shine, one who stuck out for many fans was the lone Support Course student who managed to make her way to the finals of the events, Mei Hatsume. Ever since she used her various technological advancements to make an impact and hopefully get the attention of companies and future investors, My Hero Academia fans have been drawn to her quite strongly despite how rarely she actually pops up in the series.

But with the Cultural Festival arc in full swing, it's actually time for the Support and General Studies course students to make their mark on the outside world. This also means it was time to bring Hatsume back to the anime series. The last time we've seen her in action in full, it was during the third season as Izuku Midoriya approached her about a new support item to help in his One For All usage.

Now as Midoriya is training to use his One For All with a new attack, the latest episode of the series feature Hatsume in full. She may be preparing her own tech "babies" for the upcoming presentations at the festival, but it appears that Midoriya has asked her to whip up something for him once more as he prepares to use his hands more.

As the young Eri made her way to U.A. Academy for the first time, Midoriya and Mirio Togata took her through a tour of the school. It's here we see Hatsume at work, and she's just as wild and dirty as she was before. But even with her gadgets taking up her time, she's still fashioning up some kind of glove for Midoriya. She mentions how she already had a base of something in place and is modifying it further.


So not only did having Hatsume back result in a ton of adorable scenes, she's also playing a crucial role in Midoriya's development once more! What did you think of Mei Hatsume's return to the anime? Curious to see how the Cultural Festival works out? Are you enjoying My Hero Academia's fourth season so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!