My Hero Academia Season 6 Releases Blu-ray Key Art

My Hero Academia is back on the air, and we have its new season to thank for the comeback. After a year of waiting, Izuku returned to the battlefield this past weekend with a new episode. Of course, that means all eyes are on the hero and the other pros as they prepare for war, so it was just a matter of time before season six previewed its Blu-ray art to the world.

As you can see below, new key art for My Hero Academia went live just recently, and it shows what sort of cover season six will have at home. The season's first Blu-ray cover has been released, and it highlights several heroes who fans should know well.

For one, Izuku can be seen in the front wearing his latest costume, and he's ready for war. The boy is the only UA High School student in this shot, but we're sure others will appear in cover art for later volumes. Rather than his classmates, Izuku is joined by several pro heroes here, and one happens to be his teacher.

In the back, fans can spot Eraserhead in his usual stealth gear, and he is joined by Hawks. Mirko is seen in the center leaping forward with help from her insanely powerful legs. And of course, Endeavor brings up the rear here as Japan's top-ranking hero. All of these pros are on high alert in season six now that the raid against Shigaraki's forces has begun. And as we know, episode two will focus on Mirko as she lets loose against a swarm of high-end Nomu.

At this time, fans are not sure when My Hero Academia will put forward its first season six Blu-ray, but they can always binge the show as new episodes drop. The anime is simulcasting on Crunchyroll as usual stateside, and you can catch up on seasons one through five online as well.


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