My Hero Academia Reveals Eri's Adorable Fate

My Hero Academia's fourth season gave us the adorable character of Eri, the hostage of Overhaul was being used in order to develop a quirk erasing drug, has received a new lease on life by being welcomed with open arms into the world of UA Academy. With Midoriya and Mirio taking a hands on approach in order to raise the emotionally tormented young girl, Eraserhead specifically has ordered a big change in Eri's life that will make her time moving forward so much more tolerable, even with her Quirk seemingly making a comeback in the near future!

Eri is informed in the most recent installment of My Hero Academia that she is officially moving into UA Academy. With her parents having abandoned her completely earlier on in her life and her only other blood relative, the boss of the Yakuza, being trapped in a coma thanks in part to Overhaul, out of commission, Aizawa notes that dropping her off into an orphanage would not be the best part right now. Eri's Quirk is somewhat tied to the horn that is growing out of her forehead, and with it making a comeback, it's clear that she has to be watched over by some of the best heroes in the world at present.

Eri's Quirk allows her to "rewind" people and objects that are in her presence, doing things like healing wounds or de-aging individuals. In the battle of Midoriya against Overhaul, she used her Quirk in order to heal the young Deku's wounds as he accessed the full power of One For All and entered into a new state of power named "Infinite 100%". With Eri consistently healing his wounds, Izuku pulled off a victory against the hyper powered Overhaul at the height of his power.


The downside of Eri's quirk is of course the fact that it can take people "too far back", which was the basis for the Quirk erasing drug. Midoriya noted during his fight with Overhaul that if Eri's power kept running through him, he would eventually hit a time wherein his body had not received the One For All Quirk and he would be powerless. With Eri now living permanently at UA Academy, and under the watchful eye of Eraserhead, her powers hopefully won't have any flare ups moving forward.

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