My Hero Academia Sees Endeavor Become The New Symbol Of Peace

Season Four of My Hero Academia didn't just cap things off with Endeavor and Hawks bringing down the League of Villains' "High End Nomu" but it also cemented his place as the number one hero and the brand new "Symbol of Peace" for the universe. Though Endeavor always felt as if he was in All Might's shoes, this season saw the hardened hero attempting to figure out what it meant to be an inspiration for the world, not just by fighting crime, but by filling citizens of the world with a sense of hope while everything was bleak.

Endeavor has never really been much of a "people person" which can definitely be confirmed by his family who have been put through the ringer thanks to his quest to overcome All Might. Causing his wife to go insane and his children to be essentially tortured, with Todoroki especially as he was being trained to become the next big hero like his father, it was clear that the flame based crime fighter simply didn't have the personality necessary to match the enthusiasm of All Might that citizens found so appealing.

In the season finale, both Endeavor and Hawks found themselves pitted against the insanely powerful High End Nomu, a genetic experiment created by the League of Villains that combines Quirks from heroes and villains alike. When the two seemed like they would be defeated, the citizens of the city that acted as the battleground for the fight began freaking out, realizing that there wouldn't be an All Might to save them this time. With a stampede of frantic bystanders growing, Endeavor was able to defeat the Nomu by launching him into the stratosphere and unleashing the full potential of his Prominence Burn Ultimate Attack.

So what was it that solidified Endeavor as the new "Symbol of Peace"? Well, following the conclusion of the battle, Endeavor held his arm up in triumph, much as All Might did following his battle with All For One and letting the citizens of the world know that a new symbol has arisen. With Season Five already confirmed for the anime, it will be interesting to see how the world now reacts to Endeavor taking the throne in the world of super heroes!


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