My Hero Academia Introduces The Cultural Festival Beauty Pageant

With Overhaul defeated, Class 1A has a brand new challenge to overcome in the form of UA Academy's Cultural Festival which just so happens to include a Beauty Contest! With Midoriya and company spending their time putting together a rock band that can hopefully create an amazing performance, Nejire of the Big Three is attempting to be the winner of the upcoming Beauty Contest. With Gentle Criminal and La Brava placing the young heroes' school in their sights, the students better cross their fingers that no part of the Cultural Festival is canceled as a result of the two villains attempting to make names for themselves.

Nejire appears before Midoriya, Lemillion, and the young Eri as they tour the behind the scenes look at the Cultural Festival as she prepares for the Beauty Contest herself, trying on different dresses to give her the best option at victory. Deku, of course, is barely able to look at Nejire as her dress is just a tad bit too revealing for him to keep eye contact with her.

As Nejire breaks down the Beauty Contest, Midoriya is certain that she is shoe-in to be the winner, until he is informed by the female hero of the Big Three that she has not been able to win in the past thanks to the entrant from Class 3-G, Bibimi Kenranzaki. While we aren't yet sure what Bibimi's quirk is as of yet, it's clear that she is dressed to the nines in preparation for this annual part of the Cultural Festival.

Alongside the Beauty Contest and Class 1-A's rock band performance, Class 1-B is planning to perform a ridiculous play of their own creation. The play, which has a title that would clearly cause some copyright infringement issues here in North America has the title of "Romeo And Juliet and The Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King". Needless to say, this will be quite the performance to see.

The episode that features the advent of the Beauty Contest also has Midoriya encounter the videos of Gentle Criminal and La Brava, who lay out their plans for crashing the Cultural Festival and putting a stop to the young heroes' performances across the board!


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