My Hero Academia Releases Class 1-A Cultural Festival Music Video Online

My Hero Academia finished off its Cultural Festival storyline with Class 1-A debuting their amazing performance to a crowd of onlookers via their newly formed rock band and the series wasted no time in giving fans the opportunity to watch this as a music video that they have released online! The music video, dubbed "Hero Too!", was performed by Yuki Hayashi and the lyrics were created by Ayapeta, giving us one of the best musical numbers in recent anime history. A lot was riding on this performance and the students of Class 1-A managed to pull it off spectacularly!

This latest installment began with Gentle Criminal finally being arrested for his crimes following his knock down, drag out fight with Midoriya, with the elasticity Quirk wielding villain nearly ruining the Cultural Festival for all the students at UA Academy! Luckily, Deku was able to defeat Gentle and La Brava, but not before the two broke down at their plans crumbling and Gentle Criminal being taken into custody as he explained his orign to Midoriya. As La Brava and Gentle fell into depression, the show had to go on and we moved to the performance of Class 1-A's band.

With Midoriya making it back just in time, Class 1-A unleashed a performance for the ages, splitting their students among the band, the dance team, and the effects team! With the rocking song of "Hero Too!" being performed by the Earphone Jack hero, the students outside of the band unleashed their quirks in such a way that had the crowd rocking out alongside them. This performance didn't just give us a rocking sound, it gave us more insight into the past of Jiro, who had to tell her parents that she wouldn't follow them in their lives of music but would instead become an aspiring super hero!


The Cultural Festival Arc didn't just focus on Class 1-A putting together a rock band, it also showed off Class 1-B's insane stage play that merged William Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars into one of the most bizarre performances around. While this wasn't as action packed as the previous Overhaul arc, it definitely gave viewers the chance to breath and have some more light hearted moments with their favorite anime super heroes!

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