My Hero Academia Creator May Have Cast a Death Flag for Mirko

My Hero Academia has kicked off a major war with the latest few chapters of its series as the pro heroes have made their first real move against the Paranormal Liberation Front after weeks of research and preparation. This brought them to Dr. Ujiko's laboratory, and while Endeavor and the other pros confronted the Doctor's double, the Rabbit Hero Mirko has been the lone pro to tear her way through the basement of the hospital and into the Doctor's actual laboratory. But as the fight continues to get tougher, fans are definitely getting worried for her safety.

What's making matters worse is that series creator Kohei Horikoshi just might have raised a death flag over her even more so than the latest chapter of the series. Because while the end of Chapter 262 sees Mirko triumphantly declaring that she'll essentially never die to the horde of Nomu she finds herself up against, Horikoshi's latest author comment has some negative implications spelling doom for her.

As noted by Caleb Cook (the official translator for Viz Media's English language release of the My Hero Academia manga) on Twitter, Kohei Horikoshi's author comment for the week reads as such, "I want to draw Mirko for another 30 weeks, but I also want to advance the plot. First world problems?" This comment is innocent enough on its own as it seems like Horikoshi is just really loving being able to draw Mirko this much at last, but it seems a lot more sinister when coupled with the events of the actual chapter.


Chapter 262 of the series continues Mirko's fight against the highest grade of Nomu, and while she manages to take one down with her Spanish infused special moves, she also loses an arm and gets fairly bloodied up in the process. As she's doing this, she also starts speaking about how she'll only die when it's her time. Declaring that she lives her life like there's no tomorrow every day so that she'll have no regrets when she dies, Mirko's blunt language just might be setting up for a major downfall for the fan-favorite.

But what do you think? Is Kohei Horikoshi getting ready to kill off Mirko just as she's jumping into the action? Or is all of this so obviously setting up to be a red herring for someone to swoop in and save her last minute? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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