My Hero Academia Breaks Hearts with Tokoyami's Most Emotional Moment Yet

My Hero Academia's hero and villain war only gets more intense with each chapter, and the latest broke hearts with Tokoyami's most emotional moment in the series yet. We've seen how Fumikage Tokoyami got closer to Hawks ever since the Internship arc, and he began to see the Number 2 pro hero as his mentor. Hawks opened up Tokoyami to a whole new world of possibilities, and quite literally gave him wings. It's also why Tokoyami can't help but break down seeing Hawks' disheveled condition following his fight with Dabi.

A previous chapter of the series saw Tokoyami dash straight back into the fight against the villains when he noticed that Hawks was in danger, and Chapter 271 of the series shows the result of this as Tokoyami breaks away from Fat Gum and rushes to Hawks' side. Seeing Dabi stand over Hawks, he sees that Hawks' wings have been completely burned away. But that's not all that went into the emotional breakdown.

Seeing Tokoyami rush to Hawks' side, Dabi tells the young hero that his idol isn't as good as he seems. He tells Tokoyami that Hawks killed Twice (whose body is still lying on the floor beside them), but the young hero has no time to really grasp all of this new information since he needs to get Hawks to safety. And as he tries, Tokoyami can't help but cry.

Tokoyami's going through a lot in this moment as not only is his mentor seemingly a cold blooded killer, he's fighting for his life to escape Dabi's wrath, and that mentor that he grew so close to is on the verge of death. The war is still unfolding around all of them, so it's going to be quite a while before Tokoyami will be able to find a moment's peace. Hopefully Hawks is able to hold on until they can save his life.

How did you feel seeing Fumikage Tokoyami break down like this? Do you think he'll be able to bring Hawks to safety? Will there be a tragic goodbye between the two of them in My Hero Academia's future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!