My Hero Academia Shocks with Fan Favorite Character Death

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 266 below! My Hero Academia fans have been [...]

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 266 below! My Hero Academia fans have been on edge as the manga has officially kicked off a major war between the heroes and the villains as the heroes have stormed the various bases of the Paranormal Liberation Front. With as huge of a conflict as this one, there were bound to be some casualties as something as huge as this would not leave either side unscathed. There have already been a few deaths here and there, but the latest chapter of the series featured one notable death that will surely resonate with fans.

As we all theorized over which characters would die as a result of this massive conflict, unfortunately one of the many guesses was right as this character rose to prominence quite a bit over the last few arcs. But no one expected the villains would be the first side to take a huge loss.

Second warning! Major spoilers for the latest chapter are below!

Chapter 266 of the series continues the standoff between Hawks and Twice as Hawks had ruled that Twice would be one of the most dangerous parts of the Paranormal Liberation Front thanks to his cloning power. But while fans were worried about the position Hawks was in, it turns out Twice should have been the one we worried about as Twice was killed by Hawks before the end of the chapter.

The chapter sees Twice continue to struggle from under Hawks' feathers pinning him down, and although Dabi manages to save him, Hawks swoops in and stabs Twice before he gets away. Then we see his body falling over a balcony. There could be a fake out that saves Twice from death, but soon after we see one of his final doubles falling apart when saving Toga and Mr. Compress without being struck with some kind of force.

After a few chapters teasing what kind of decision Hawks would make over Twice, it seems that he chose to kill him before his cloning ability gave the villains more of an edge than they do now. Twice might have been one of the villains, but the tragic look at his back story and affable "Deadpool" like personality made him a fan favorite. But now that he's dead, this war is definitely a serious one with fatal consequences.

How do you feel about Twice's death in the latest chapter? Do you think My Hero Academia will try and walk it back with a fake out of some sort? Does this change your opinion of Hawks in any way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!