Naruto Cosplay Gives Gaara a Deadly Femme Makeover

There is something to be said for Naruto's scariest ninjas since the series had a whole lot of them. In the face of random thugs, guys like Orochimaru really stuck out, but Gaara took the cake during his youth. The unhinged Jinchuuriki was a bomb ready to explode at even the smallest touch, but he chilled out after meeting Naruto Uzumaki. And thanks to one fan, they have imagined how Gaara might have gone on had the Hidden Sand ninja undergone a gender swap.

Taking to Instagram, the Naruto fan wikd_fury shared their femme take on Gaara with their followers. The netizen decided to test the look with a stunning cosplay that suits the Fourth Kazekage.

As you can see below, the Naruto cosplay features a young woman standing before sand dunes as a storm of it swirls above her palms. This is the look of Gaara's signature move, and it looks rather stunning in this high-definition shot.

The rest of the cosplay is brought together with some fishnet, ripped fabric, and a whole lot of attitude. This outfit is more like Temari's outfit in the anime than the one Gaara rocks. While there is some red spread throughout this outfit, shades of purple dominate the look.


Oh, and the leather bondage stars are hard to miss. That look combined with the fishnet pushes this cosplay to a whole new level of fierceness. Not even Anko could compete, and Naruto fans know that is really saying something for the fandom.

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