Naruto: New Synopsis Teases a Major Boruto Introduction

Boruto is busy these days in print and on the small screen. For awhile now, the manga has racked up praise thanks to its action-filled arcs and villains, but the show has not experienced the same love. The anime has a love-hate relationship with fans, but it is trying to turn around the reputation. Not long ago, the show began delving into an arc directly tied to the manga, and it turns out a future episode will make a big introduction from there as well.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for both the Boruto anime and manga! Proceed with caution!

Over on Twitter, fans were given a heads up about the introduction when a synopsis for episode 151 went live. The release will come in a few weeks once Boruto: Naruto Next Generations really digs into the Mujina Bandits arc, and it promises something curious.

As translated by Abdul Zoldyck, the episode will see Boruto fight against Shojoji, the head of the Mujina Bandits. "As Boruto is fighting Shojoji, the sign on boruto's palm changes, making Boruto unable to move. Then suddenly, Shojoji whispers something strange," the synopsis reads.

For anime fans, this blurb reveals very little, but it does confirms Boruto and Shojoji are going to fight if that wasn't clear already. The interesting bit is that Shojoji will whisper to Boruto after his mark appears, and fans know what he says. During the manga's run, the arc saw Shojoji recognize the mark as one worn by the members of an organization known as Kara.

"Don't tell me you're part of that organization," Shojoji asks Boruto after he sees the kid's mark.

For readers, this reference is huge as it is the first time anyone has even nodded to Kara. Even if the mobster does not name the group, Kara is a threat worth fearing, and it is about time Boruto learned of them. After all, he will have plenty to do with them in future arcs, and fans are going to meet Kara whether they like it or not.


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