Naruto Teases Sasuke's Biggest Marriage Regret

Naruto isn't the best with romance, but the franchise does its best to life up those couples it has. With the debut of Boruto, love has come into the franchise more frequently, and fans are always happy to see how Sasuke is handling his marriage to Sakura. And thanks to a recent story, fans learned the Uchiha head does have one regret about the romance which he knows he cannot change.

It turns out Sasuke misses Sakura too much when he's on missions, and fans are cooing over how cute the couple are.

Recently, pieces of the Naruto spin-off novel Sasuke Retsuden went live, and it was there readers learned all about the heir. Thanks to fan-translator Organic Dinosaur, fans were told about some of the excerpts' finer details, and one of them dives into Sasuke's longing for Sakura.

As you can read here, the spin-off's fifth chapter follows Sasuke and Sakura as they reunite during an away mission. Sasuke has been out of the village for some time, leaving Sakura at home to work and take care of their daughter Sarada. However, the man is none too happy to see how much as changed with Sakura since he left because that means Sasuke missed all those moments.

"Since they hadn't been together with one another, of course there were probably many moments that he had missed out on," the chapter reads.

"From his perspective, and from the bottom of his heart, he thought that it would be nice if he could always stay by Sakura's side. However, he wouldn't be able to do that. Each of their respective roles were quite different from one another's -- they had no choice in the matter."

The chapter goes on to see Sasuke offer Sakura a wedding ring in the hopes it would keep the pair connected even when he was gone. The sentiment stunned fans given its romantic thoughtfulness which isn't something Sasuke is often associated with. After hearing how much the Uchiha misses his wife, it seems readers are seeing the ninja in a whole new light, and it is definitely one that suits the hero.


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Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, Naruto follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The series ran for 700 chapters overall, and was adapted into an anime series by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex that ran from 2002 to 2017. The series was popular enough to warrant a sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and features the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.