Russian Doll Star Shares Perfect Anime Meme To Express Quarantine Mood

Natasha Lyonne has a long history in the entertainment world, acting in television series and feature length films with one of her latest being the successful Netflix show of Russian Doll, and the actress has shared an anime meme that is absolutely perfect for this age of quarantine. For the past several weeks, many people around the globe have been quarantined in their homes in order to help "flatten the curve" of the coronavirus and it definitely seems as if Lyonne is in a similar predicament, as she is sharing a perfect image of what many of us are currently feeling!

The image in question is from the anime series of Wolf's Rain, a unique franchise that debuted in 2003 and followed a group of characters that had the ability to transform into wolves in order to find a fabled "paradise". With thirty episodes to its name, the anime which was adapted from a manga of the same name made its way to North America thanks in part to Cartoon Network's programming block, Adult Swim, which gave the series a platform to be introduced to scores of new viewers.

Lyonne shared the hilarious meme on her Official Twitter Account, sharing her emotional status that many of us are experiencing at this moment as the world takes a break during this time of quarantine and most use the internet as an outlet to socialize with one another:

The pandemic hasn't just given a number of folks a "time out" from their usual daily routines, it has put a serious monkey wrench into the world of anime as a number of conventions, anime series, and other plans have been either postponed or canceled entirely. With series such as Naruto, One Piece, and others being knocked off course from their original planned schedule, it's understandable that anime fans and entertainment fans alike would be struggling with the current time.

Wolf's Rain hasn't announced any sequels or further stories in the strange world of the anime franchise, but it's clear that its legacy continues to make an impression, even through hilarious memes!


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