Netflix Doubled Its Anime Viewership in the US This Year

Netflix likes to keep its ratings under wraps in most cases, but the site will splurge on info when it stumbles upon some very impressive figures. The company's most recent boast came this week when it shared a bit of good news with anime lovers. As it turns out, Netflix has doubled the amount of anime watched this year, and the fandom wants to celebrate the big win.

The drop came recently when Netflix took to Twitter to share the news. "Fun 2020 fact, the amount of anime watched in the US on Netflix doubled in 2020 versus 2019," the post read. Netflix went on to ask followers what series they watched this year, and the company earned a surprise response from... Bagel Bites?

Yes, the official page for Bagel Bites interacted with Netflix to share its love for anime. It turns out the snack's team is a fan of Kakegurui, so fans can do with that knowledge what they will. At this point, fans are surprised DiGiorno hasn't chimed in because the pizza brand is famous for loving JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Given this big reveal, fans are looking back to see what anime dropped on Netflix to boost these numbers. The company did welcome hits like Dorohedoro, BNA: Brand New Animal, and more to its collection this year. This is on top of its big acquisition of One Piece, and if Netflix counts Avatar amongst its anime rank, then the series brought in millions of viewers this summer when it became available for streaming. Netflix made it clear a few years back it was gambling big on anime by investing in the medium, and it seems to be paying off. So if you have not checked out the service's anime catalog, you will want to check it out ASAP!

What do you make of this Netflix report? Are you surprised by this lift in anime watchtime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.