Netflix, Taiwan Teaming Up For New Anime Series

Netflix has dived head first into the world of anime. With the recently released documentary, [...]

Netflix has dived head first into the world of anime. With the recently released documentary, Enter the Anime, as well as the upcoming original series of Cannon Busters, Hero Mask Part 2, and Carole & Tuesday. The train keeps rolling however as Netflix has just announced that they'll be partnering with Taiwan on a brand new anime series called "Eden". The new franchise will follow a red-haired girl that was raised by two robots that all live in a dystopian future populated with almost nothing but other robots. Netflix is trying its hand at becoming the number one anime streaming service around!

Twitter Source Anime Report shared the news from the Taipei Times that breaks down the partnership between Netflix and Taiwan, and their upcoming series that follows the denizens of Eden 3 dropping next year, 2020:

Aside from creating numerous new anime series, Netflix has also specialized in creating a number of series that focus specifically on robots. Most notably, Love Death & Robots was an anthology series that presented a number of different animated shorts placing a spotlight onto technology, whether it be the benefits or horrors therein. Also, the recent Netflix original movie, I Am Mother, followed a young girl being raised by a robotic mother in a future where mysteries lie around every corner.

Netflix may have a long way to go until it reaches the levels that have been established by the ever growing streaming anime services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, but its clear that the West in general has taken a much larger interest in harboring new anime properties as quickly as they can. As Hollywood continues to attempt to find the "next big thing", its clear that proven hits in mediums such as anime will be looked toward in attempting to create adaptations that resonate with audiences in the west, such as the recently released anime adaptations of live action films with Bleach, Death Note, and Alita: Battle Angel to name a few.

Eden is looking to be another worthwhile addition to the streaming service's catalogue and Netflix is bringing the goods by having the series itself created with the assistance of Japanese animator Yasuhiro Irie, who worked on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. As the release date gets closer for this robotic tale of the future, we'll be sure to keep you posted with any other news here at

What do you think of the news of the upcoming anime series Eden from Netflix and Taiwan? What's been your favorite "robot offering" from the streaming service to date? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and robots!