New 'My Hero Academia' Preview Reveals A Tense Tournament Episode for Todoroki

My Hero Academia took a temporary break from its 'Hero License Exam Arc' this past week to air a [...]

My Hero Academia took a temporary break from its "Hero License Exam Arc" this past week to air a special episode, but soon enough we will be right back into the thick of things. Some new episode spoilers have now dropped, and they tease just what kind of edge-of-your-seat tension fans will have to endure, as the "Hero License Exam" arc comes to a close!

Check out the details of My Hero Academia episode 59, below!

As @YonkouProd revealed in this latest promo scan, episode 59, "What's the Big Idea?" (or "What Are You Doing?") will see Class 1-A's remaining contestants try to navigate Gang Orca's villain attack simulation during the exam's final rescue operation test. However, the main sub-plot that should be most exciting for fans is definitely this part:

"Yoarashi and Todoroki face off against Gang Orca. But Yoarashi, who'd hated Todoroki since the U.A. Entrance Exam, starts an argument, at the worst place and the worst time!"

Inasa Yoarashi became a breakout star of the Hero License Exam - not just because of his Whirlwind Quirk abilities, but because of his insanely enthusiastic attitude, as well. In fact, Yoarashi's enthusiasm has been so great that it's already gone overboard to the point of getting him and his Shiketsu High School classmates chastised for failing to follow proper rescue operations procedure. He's almost the total opposite of Todoroki in terms of attitude - but when it comes to Quirks, the two may make for an exciting rivalry.

Todoroki has shown impressive strides in the development and control of both the ice and fire aspects of his Quirk, but Yoarashi has shown that he's equally as good controlling the elemental forces that come with his powers; in the first round of the Hero License Exam, he took down what was probably the largest group of applicants to fall before a single contestant, using his quirk to create a maelstrom of various different winds, that ensnared his opponents and allowed him to pick them off. Needless to say, the thought of seeing a massive all-out battle between Todoroki and Yoarashi is indeed an exciting prospect - however it will have to wait, as the demands of this current test will actually require Todoroki and Yoarashi to overcome their differences, to achieve success and get their respective licenses.

Catch My Hero Academia episode 59 streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation starting this Saturday.