'One Piece' Confirms Big Mom's Surprising Transformation

Warning! One Piece spoilers lie below!!

Jump Festa has come to an end, but news from the event has yet to settle. Over the weekend, titles like My Hero Academia dropped big announcements on fans, but One Piece outdid its competition on Sunday. Eiichiro Oda himself dropped teasers for One Piece at the event, and one of them has everything to do with Big Mom.

So, if you have thought Big Mom might slim down, you can cash your theory in. It looks like you were right.

According to Jump Festa attendees, One Piece showed off a preview image of Big Mom. The sketch was kept locked-tight, but fans described how the Yonko would look in a future chapter of the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc.

As Yonkou Productions put it, a spoiler of Big Mom was shown with her looking “skinny” and “enraged.” One of Shueisha’s columnists also covered the surprising transformation and told fans, “They showed a pic of thin [Big] Mom. Her hair aflame and riding maybe Prometheus. She looked piiiiiissed.”

Ever since Big Mom was introduced, fans have wondered if she would dramatically slim down for a transformation. The 68-year-old Yonko is powerful enough as is, but Oda has a thing for bulking up even his most fearsome villains. The franchise also has a history of its characters consuming food to bolster their strength, and Monkey D. Luffy could not be the only one utilize that kind of strategy.


In the future, Big Mom will come face-to-face with a hero who forces her to shed her obese shape. The villain will convert her extra weight into immense strength, and fans are interested to see who will make Big Mom take such measures. If Luffy is the cause, then the suddenly slender vixen will likely find herself fighting Luffy in his Gear Fourth form. So, when the match gets underway, the characters will have swapped their looks with one another.

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