'One Piece' Reveals [SPOILER'S] New Form

Warning! Major spoilers for One Piece's 888th chapter lie below!

In the world of One Piece, fans are used to characters getting power-ups. Monkey D. Luffy has gotten a slew of forms over the year, but the manga's newest one was not gifted to the Straw Hats founder.

Instead, it was time that Carrot got her own va-va-voom makeover.

This week, Weekly Shonen Jump will see its latest chapter of One Piece go live. The series, which is about to publish its 888th issue, had spoilers go live earlier this week detailing Carrot's transformation. Now, scans of the power-up have hit the Internet, and fans are getting emotional over the look.

If you want to check out Carrot's full form, you can check it out here. The heroine's transformation is not an angry one like Tony Tony Chopper's rage form or a bloated one like Gear Fourth. Instead, the 'Suron' transformation simply turns Carrot into a mature warrior, and she give off some serious Amazon vibes.

Carrot's rounded face and wide eyes are traded in for a curvy figure and flowing locks. The form keeps her rabbit ears in check, but Carrot uses their cuteness to her advantage. The leaks of One Piece's new chapter say the Mink is able to take down hordes of Big Mom's underlings when they corner the Sunny on the sea. And, when she gets to their ships, Carrot is able to easily jack up their steering and helmsmen.

So, note to self: do not mess with Carrot on a full moon.


Of course, plenty of One Piece fans will not be surprised by the new form. The manga has hinted at the Minks having a special form since the 'Zou' arc. The previous story saw one character comment it was a good thing there were clouds covering the full moon the night Luffy's team headed to Nekomamushi. The story also said Jack was lucky to have the coverage because he would have been easily killed if he fought the Minks during a full moon.

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