'One Piece' Leak Confirms Luffy's Reunion With [SPOILER]

Warning! Massive spoilers for One Piece's 888th chapter lie below!

This week, One Piece will return with a brand-new update, and it looks like spoilers from chapter 888 are here. The Internet was graced with new details about the manga's next issue, and they hint at a big reunion for Monkey D. Luffy.

So, here's to hoping the Straw Hat captain is ready to face Charlotte Katakuri again.

Over on Reddit, the usual leaks for One Piece are making the rounds, and fans are surprised by how telling these new ones are. According to spoilers for chapter 888, the manga will see Luffy reunite with Katakuri and get back to their paused fight.

As the duo trade blows, Katakuri asks Luffy if he returned to die or if he's interested in joining Big Mom's alliance. Naturally, Luffy says he came to win, but Katakuri just laughs off the idea.

"I don't have that option available for you," the baddie says.

Fans are surprised to hear that Luffy is already meeting back up with Katakuri. The duo separated not too long ago after Luffy had to let go of his Gear Fourth form. The captain managed to trick Brulee into pulling them from the Mirro-World they were stuck in, leaving Katakuri to wander around looking for his opponent.


The last time fans saw Luffy, the pirate was holed up with Brulee as they jumped from island to island. The hero says he can deplete Katakuri's Observation Haki if he keeps the fight drawn out, but Luffy knows the tactic will only take him so far. After remembering one of Rayleigh's lessons, Luffy wonders if he could use Haki to see the future the way Katakuri does in battle, and the captain decides he will beat Big Mom's fearsome son at full strength.

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