'One Piece' Leak Teases A Straw Hats Ambush By [SPOILER]

Warning! Possible spoilers for One Piece lie below!

In the wake of Jump Festa, One Piece is preparing to debut a massive new chapter. Weekly Shonen Jump will published the manga’s 889th chapter this week, and reported leaks of the update have gone live. If they are correct, then the Straw Hat crew is about to be in big trouble.

Over on Reddit, fans have started discussing spoilers sourced from longtime fans. The supposed leak houses lots of details, but fans are keying in on its notes about Big Mom.

“Zeus and Prometheus joins Big Mom. Prometheus lodges in Big Mom’s hair,” one Reddit user wrote. “Big Mom jumps on Zeus and raids the sunny. Everybody is dumbfounded.”

The spoilers go on to say that Jinbei rallies his comrades to abandon ship once Big Mom makes her move. There is no telling whether the team will see the call-to-action through, but it does look like things will be tense either way. Big Mom is determined to snuff out the Straw Hats on the high seas, and it will take some clever planning from the team to escape the Yonko’s wrath.


This is not the first spoiler to drop about One Piece’s next chapter. Sources have also said the next update will see Big Mom take on a new form. Netizens leaked details which say Big Mom slims down in chapter 889 after using so much energy, but fans are not sure if the transformation will help or hinder the villain.

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