'One Piece' Spoilers Hint At Luffy's Next Power-Up

One Piece has been focusing on the Thousand Sunny as of late in the manga, but fans should prepare [...]

One Piece has been focusing on the Thousand Sunny as of late in the manga, but fans should prepare for a shift when it returns this week. Over on Reddit, reported spoilers for the manga's next chapter have made the rounds with fans, and one blurb gives specific nod to Luffy.

So, obviously, possible spoilers below!

Taking to social media, fans began to speculate how One Piece will go with its 891st chapter. Reddit got a hold of reported spoilers from the release, and they tease an interesting shake-up for Luffy as he fights Katakuri.

According to the spoilers, Luffy will continue his fight with Katakuri in the Mirror World, but things will not be easy for the Straw Hat. The Charlotte bigwig will knock Luffy down to size, but the spoilers say the hero gets up each time.

Of course, Katakuri is happy about his one-up, but things will not go well for the man once he gloats to Luffy. The hero will remember the words Rayleigh once told him about Haki power-ups, and spoilers say Luffy will take a step towards victory thanks to the reminder.

"Luffy nullifies Katakuri's attack by hitting back exactly at the same as Katakuri attacks," the Reddit summary reads. "Although Luffy does it with low probability, Katakuri is shocked that Luffy was able to see the exact same future as him."

Fans are not too surprised to hear Luffy will surprise Katakuri. After all, One Piece did hint at the hero's interest in leveling up his Observation Haki. After Luffy escaped the Mirror World, the pirate recalled Rayleigh's teachings about Haki and how its true potential can only be unearthed during extreme battle. Luffy said he wanted to unlock the same powerful Observation Haki which Katakuri already has, and the next chapter of One Piece may send Luffy down that path.

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