'One Piece' Preview Reunites Luffy With His Crew

One Piece's Whole Cake Island arc has seen the Straw Hats splintered in many ways over the course of its run, but after Sanji's struggle to escape Cacao Island safely with Luffy in tow, the Straw Hats are finally all going to be reunited in the next episode of the series.

The preview for Episode 874 of the series not only reveals that Luffy and Sanji make it back to the Thousand Sunny, but they're not out of the woods yet as the Charlotte Family makes a last ditch effort to take them out.

Episode 874 of the series is titled "The Last Hope! The Sun Pirates Emerge!" and the preview showcases how Luffy and Sanji are received by the rest of the Straw Hats. It's been a particularly rough road for them up to this point as Luffy detoured to fight Katakuri in the Mirror World in order to keep him away from his crew. Then, they had to circle back to Cacao Island in order to pick him and Sanji up.

But it seems like they aren't able to enjoy this reunion for very long as Smoothie kicks in her attacks to try and take down the Thousand Sunny. The preview teases that her strategy is a tough one as she teams up with Daifuku and attacks the Thousand Sunny from afar. Not only that, Big Mom is still chasing down Bege as he attempts to land on an island with the replacement wedding cake.


It's going to be especially tough for the Straw Hats even with Luffy back as he's been completely drained of all his strength due to the fight with Katakuri. But there's a great showing of the Straw Hats' respect and love for him as when Sanji arrived with Luffy at the end of the latest episode, they instantly knew he won his fight. They had no doubts Luffy would win and return to them. Now they just have to escape.

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan. The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over 430 million copies sold. The series still ranked number one in manga sales in 2018, which surprised fans of major new entries.