One Piece and Gucci Reveal an Impressive New Collab

One Piece never set out to make up model characters, but the series has done just that over the past few decades. From Luffy to Robin and even Chopper, the Straw Hats are a good-looking crew. Of course, that means the gang has been invited to a fair few fashion events, but few can live up to the collab recently launched by none other than Gucci.

Yes, you did read that right. Gucci has teamed up with One Piece for a very unique collaboration this year. The luxury fashion label reached out to the seafaring manga heroes and asked whether two of its fighters would be game to model its new fall/winter line.

You can see a slew of the piece drawn in honor of this collaboration below. Rather than Nami and Robin, this partnership holds Luffy and Zoro in high respect. The pair have been used as models here, and it is amazing to see how well each pirate can strike a deadly pose.

Luffy is shown wearing a slew of outfits, but the hero mostly sticks with earthy tones. Of course, his straw hat is present at all times, but Luffy pairs the headgear with jeans and layered tops. In one shot, the boy is donning a mid-length brown jacket over a sweater while another puts him in a black-blue jacket and green sweater.

As for Zoro, the man is shown in ripped jeans from Gucci alongside a textured green peacoat. You may have assumed as much, but Zoro is touting his swords while wearing Gucci's fine clothes. That doesn't even mention the bags he is shown carrying, and one of them proves Zoro is clutch when it comes to rocking a fanny pack. So if you want to dress like a luxurious Straw Hat, then it is high time you checked out Gucci's collection these days.


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