One Piece Announces Last-Minute Manga Delay

One Piece is not known to shake up scheduling, but it turns out the series has announced it will [...]

One Piece is not known to shake up scheduling, but it turns out the series has announced it will be taking a rather sudden break. Earlier this week, fans were treated to a brand-new chapter of One Piece, and the update nearly broke the fandom. The juicy debut put an end to Kozuki Oden's story, and fans were looking forward to resuming the present events of Wano in its wake. But thanks to an announcement, we know One Piece is going on an abrupt delay.

The situation arose when Manga Plus shared its digital version of One Piece's most recent chapter. The post said the next chapter would be released on March 8 which confused fans. The text included in the actual chapter told readers One Piece would return on March 1, but that is no longer the case. It turns out something has happened which has caused creator Eiichiro Oda to request a deadline extension.

Taking to Twitter, the team behind Manga Plus confirmed One Piece has decided to take a week-long break.

"It's time for us to clarify! Haikyu!! will be on break this week, but it seems that, as a last-minute decision, One Piece will also be on break on March 1st," the team confirmed. "We are expectant to any changes that could happen, and we'll try to keep you updated if anything new is brought up."

Now, it seems like One Piece will be joining Haikyuu on a break next week. This means two of Shonen Jump's biggest weekly titles will be on an off swing. Still, readers will have lots to take in thanks to My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and many more.

Of course, this last-minute announcement has made fans a bit bummed out, but One Piece will not keep them down for long. They are starting to predict what is in store for the series' next chapter, and there is no telling where it could go. It seems the story is about to head back to present day, and that means Oden's vassals are on their way to fight Kaido once and for all. The team headed out alone after backup never showed, but fans expect the rebel army to show up before long and help free Wano from its prison.

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