One Piece Meets Samurai Jack in Clever Crossover Art

Pop culture is full of plenty of iconic samurai, and no two are more recognizable to anime fans than One Piece's Zoro and Samurai Jack's Jack. Each of these swordsman are skilled in their own right, but what would it look like if the two were fused together? Artist black_white_gray did just that as they recently shared their take on what the result would be in Zoro somehow found his way into Samurai Jack to Reddit. With his three swords, and Wano inspired robes, it's not hard to imagine Zoro in the famous action cartoon officially.

Although the fan-art, which you can find below, has been received well on Reddit, fans can't help but detour (much like Zoro would) as they wonder which of the two would actually win in a fight. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, so it'd be interesting to see for sure!

A zoro fan art did in the style of Samurai Jack. Let me know what you guys think and would love to get more ideas from the community. from r/OnePiece

As for how the fight between the two would work, Zoro's sense of direction is so bad that there's a good chance he would kind of just run into the Samurai Jack world. Crossing dimensions isn't too outside of the norm for Zoro -- given his wild adventures with the Straw Hats -- and it's the same for Jack as well. While there's a good chance Jack would hold off on fighting Zoro, Zoro would most likely jump at the challenge to fight a skilled swordsman.

There's no telling who would win this fight, but it's one that a talented team will hopefully bring to life in some way. With Jack's various skills and styles, he might have an edge but Zoro has a ton of endurance from taking near lethal hits over his adventures.

For those craving more of Genndy Tartakovsky's work, thankfully fans will soon get their chance to see a new Adult Swim series from the Samurai Jack creator. The brutal Primal, set in the prehistoric era, is gearing up for its debut on October 7. The original series may be carrying on the spirit of Samurai Jack in terms of the final season's tone, but definitely eschews in a more violent direction. But knowing Tartakovsky, there will be some light moments sprinkled in as well.

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