Colorful One-Punch Man Cosplay Brings Tatsumaki to Life

One-Punch Man fans know a good cosplay when they see one, and that is why one fan online has been flooded with praise for their take on Tatsumaki. Sure, the green-haired heroine may get grief from Saitama about her petite frame, but the Terrible Tornado is not to be messed with. That is why tsukides posted their cosplay of the hero online, and fans love the adorable look.

The One-Punch Man cosplay was posted for all to see on Reddit the other day and gained love rather quickly. As you can see below, tsukides did her best to channel the Terrible Tornado in all of her cute glory, and she accomplished her goal easily with some puffy cheeks.

The cosplay is a simple one overall, and that is thanks to the creator of One-Punch Man. Tatsumaki wears a simple black dress most of the time with a wide collar and cropped sleeves. The only risqué part of the look comes in its high skirt slits which rise to the top of Tatsumaki's hip bones.

Tatsumaki by Tsuki.des from r/OnePunchMan

This cosplayer manages to make the look more cutesy than sexy which is refreshing. The pose which Tatsumaki is seen striking is all sorts of playful, and that is only compounded by the fan's puffed-out cheeks. Combined with Tatsumaki's curled hair, the hero looks like they were taken straight from the manga.


Of course, Saitama would be all too happy to torment the high-ranked hero for her look, but the Terrible Tornado has schooled One-Punch Man for doing that very thing. It is not smart to tease the ester, and she will strike anyone down should they cross her.

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