Parasyte Is Getting Its Very Own K-Drama

Parasyte is one of the most thrilling anime series you can binge, and its body horror is the stuff of legend at this point. Now, it seems like Hitoshi Iwaki's favorite series is ready to tackle a new kind of adaptation. After moving from manga to anime, South Korea is set to tackle Parasyte with a live-action K-drama for Netflix.

The news comes Netflix as the streaming service announced it has a new South Korean drama in the works. The series will adapt Iwaki's Parasyte in live-action, and it will be titled Kiseiju: The Grey. Right now, there is no set release window for the project, but Netflix did say the show will air worldwide.

As for its cast, Jeon So-nee will star in the K-drama alongside Koh Kyo-hwan and Lee Jung-hyun. Yeon Sang-ho will direct the show and also co-write the script with Ryu Yong-jae. The latter two execs worked together last on Peninsula, and Yeon is known best for directing Train to Busan.

Little is known about the K-drama's story, but Netflix has said the live-action series will tell its own story rather than copy Parasyte directly. Jeon will play a woman who is attacked by Parasytes but manages to co-exist with the intruders rather than give their body to them. She finds herself at odds with Lee's character who leads The Grey, a military unit that is dedicated to battling Parasites. And while on the run, Jean finds herself assisting Koo's character as they search for their missing sister. 

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