Pokemon Has Revealed Lt. Surge's Successor

Pokemon fans tend to have their favorites, and there is nothing wrong with that. From individual Pokemon to regions, fans are more than welcome to prefer one thing over another, and the same goes for gym leaders. After all, the franchise has introduced dozens of these trainers over the years, and fans just got a look at the newcomer who has taken over for the one and only Lt. Surge.

Yes, you read that right. Lt. Surge is taking a bit of a break from the gym he made famous. Back in the day, the original Pokemon anime turned Lt. Surge into a legend with his battle against Ash at the Vermillion City gym. Now, the leader is missing in action, so it falls to the standing gym leader in Vermillion to challenge Ash when the boy comes around again.

Recently, fans got their first-look at the trainer in question when Pokemon put out a new promo. The episode teaser sees Ash and Pikachu return to Vermillion City with Go at their side. It doesn't take them long before he heads to the gym, and it is there he meet Lt. Surge's protege who is acting as leader while our favorite is away.

"Ash's goal is to battle Dande, the best Pokemon Trainer in the world, so he's decided to challenge the Pokemon World Championships. His opponent win his memorable first battle is Pisces, an Electric-type trainer and the acting gym leader of the Vermillion Gym while its gym leader Surgee is absent," the episode's English synopsis reads (via Arkeus88).

Right now, fans are not sure whether Surge is still in the Pokemon business or if he left it for a different gig. They will surely find out more information when this new episode of Pokemon airs, so here's to hoping the military hero has a cameo lest all of Surge's super-fans be left in the dust.


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