Will Ash Get an Eevee in the Pokemon Anime?

It looks like Ash could be getting a new Pokemon that could rival Pikachu for attention and [...]

It looks like Ash could be getting a new Pokemon that could rival Pikachu for attention and popularity.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a new key visual for the upcoming season of the Pokemon anime, which is set to begin in October. While Pikachu and several of Ash's other Pokemon made appearances on the poster, it was a shaggy-haired male Eevee who made the biggest impact, jumping towards the viewer in front of Ash.

Although it's not a guarantee that Ash will befriend this unique looking Eevee, there's at least a decent chance that it's the case. Eevee is set to get a big boost in popularity thanks to the soon to be released Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee game and it would make sense that The Pokemon Company would want to pair up their new star with the franchise's main human character.

It helps that Ash currently has an open spot on his Alolan team, which has been filled in recent months by various special Pokemon. In addition to Pikachu, Rowlet, Torracat, and Lycanroc, Ash also has a Rotom (which isn't really a battling Pokemon) that could technically be considered his fifth Pokemon. Ash's sixth slot has been filled by a Cosmog named Nebby (which eventually evolved into a Solgaleo) and a Poipole, an Ultra Beast that eventually returned to its home plane of existence. Since Ash has a slot open, it seems likely that he'll fill it with a new Pokemon...such as Eevee.

All of Ash's friends also have one of their Pokemon on the poster, which strengthens the theory that the Eevee belongs to Ash. A new character, Hau, also appears on the poster, but it appears that the Dartrix on the poster belongs to him, since it has a matching stance and expression to the cheerful new trainer. Furthermore, the Pokemon anime recently had one of Ash's friends in possession of an Eevee, so it would feel like the show is treading old ground if they gave this interesting Eevee to someone besides Ash.

The new season of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon begins in October.