Pokemon Easter Egg Makes Ash's New Catch Even More Special

Pokemon fans are used to get eggs in the game the old-fashioned way with breeding, but those are [...]

Pokemon fans are used to get eggs in the game the old-fashioned way with breeding, but those are not the only ones you can find in the series. Whether we are talking about the anime or the games, Pokemon is a big fan of easter eggs so they are easy to spot if you know where to look. Of course, some of these lil' nods reference Pokemon itself, and one of them was spotted in the most recent episode of Pokemon that has got us all emotional. For those of you who are not caught up with the anime, you should know Ash Ketchum made a major catch the other day. This weekend saw an episode debut that followed Ash as he came face to face with a ghostly Pokemon. Gengar came back to town after being run off from Sakuragai Laboratory, and that is not all... You know, since Ash did manage to catch Gengar and all. It's no big deal, really. The beloved hero managed to catch one of the strongest Gengar out there, and Ash did so in some cozy clothes which fans are just realizing contain an easter egg.

As you can see above, the fan Peter Rossignal noticed the easter egg and its very emotional context. Audiences thought it was cute when Ash appeared throughout the episode with a Charmander shirt on. After all, the Kanto starter is adorable, but the shirt took on a different meaning after fans learned how Gengar and Charmander are connected. In this episode, fans are informed that the Gengar haunting Ash is actually an abandoned Pokemon. He was ditched by his trainer some time ago, leaving Gengar to hang around the lab and act out for attention. Long ago, Ash rescued his first abandoned Pokemon, and it was none other than a Charmander. The adorable Pokemon was nearly killed in the rain, but the rescued monster ended up becoming one of Ash's strongest players. Now, fans are hoping Gengar turns out to be the same, but they'll have to watch the Ghost-type fight through all the tears in their eyes after noticing this touching tribute. What do you think about this sneaky reference? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!