This 'Pokemon' Theory Suggests The Anime Is All A Lie

Pokemon has been around for a long time, and it has enough fan-theories to prove it. The franchise has accumulated some really wild conspiracies over the years, but there is one that refuses to die.

There are few thing theorists like to do more than accuse a series of being a farce. If there is a way to call Pokemon a lie or glitch in the matrix, then it will be found. So, fans are not surprised to see a new theory floating around about Ash Ketchum’s life being little more than a bedtime story.

As you can see below, the following post is circulating its way through the anime fandom online. The (mostly) serious meme accumulates a variety of screenshots from Pokemon’s different films which all feature a mother and daughter. The pulled shots were animated between 2005 and 2015, giving fan-theorist more than enough ammunition to make up a new conspiracy.

“Ash and Pokemon don’t exist. Everything is simply a story told by a mother to her daughter,” the post explains.

“The events we see in the anime occur in her daughter’s head which is the reason Ash doesn’t grow up. Every region is a different story.”

Of course, the idea is a bit of a stretch, but what fan-theory for Pokemon isn’t these days? In the past, fans had the wild idea that Ash’s journey to become a Pokemon Master was all happening in his head, and the coma-centric conspiracy remains popular to this very day. Fans want an explanation to all of the franchise’s inexplicable moment, but the only answer out there might fall onto the very confusing shoulders of anime logic. So, if you need to believe Ash and Pikachu are just bedtime story heroes, then more power to you.

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