A Viral Discovery About Sudowoodo Prompts Hilarious Pokemon Lesson

If you hadn't noticed it by now, The Pokemon Company likes to play jokes. The brand takes its [...]

If you hadn't noticed it by now, The Pokemon Company likes to play jokes. The brand takes its products seriously without a doubt, but it isn't afraid to be funny. Pokemon's anime and video games have developed a specific sense of humor over the years. And thanks to one fan's revelation, netizens have learned how sneaky Pokemon was when it came to naming.

Taking to Reddit, one fan got attention when their Pokemon post went viral. A user known as ZixtyZix pointed out the pun behind Sudowood's name that is blowing minds left and right.

"I've been a Pokemon fan for 20 years but I never questioned the name (Probably because when I was 5 I had no idea what "pseudo" even meant," the fan wrote.

"So yeah I was today years old when I realised a 20 year old pun. Probably common knowledge at this point, but I wanted to share this fun revelation with anyone else who is a little slow on the take like I am."

Clearly, The Pokemon Company dug deep for this name, and they did not stop there. Pokemon names may have to be translated across language barriers, but the brand doesn't slack when it comes to puns.

After all, Sudowoodo has some clever translations abroad. For instance, its French name 'Simularbre' translates to 'acts like a tree' while the German name translates to 'cheating tree'. And if you are mad about missing this Pokemon pun, you better save your rage. There are dozens if not hundreds of more where it came from, and The Pokemon Company has plenty of puns left for future generations to boot.

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Pokemon: The Series is now airing new episodes weekly in Japan, but unfortunately is still not officially licensed for an English language release as of this writing. Staff confirmed for the new series include Daiki Tomiyasu serving as chief director for OLM, Maki Odaira as series director, Kunihiko Yuyama as creative supervisor, Shoji Yonemura overseeing series construction, Shuhei Yasuda serving as character designer, Masafumi Mima as sound director, Yuki Hayashi as series composer.