Pokemon Anime Adorably Reveals How Planes Deal with Pokemon

The Pokemon Universe is a big place, and it still has room to grow after all of these years. The franchise has been around for more than 20 years, and its reveals continue to inform fans about how its ecosystem work. When you are in a world with Pokemon, all of your everyday tasks have to be reimagined thanks to you pocket monsters, and it seems aviation is not exception.

After all, the latest episode of Pokemon showed fans how pocket monsters deal with plane rides. The brief peek was yet another slice-of-life aside offered to fans by the franchise, and it has prompted netizens all over to praise Shuckle of all things.

As you can see below, the still taken of the plane comes from Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. The anime wrapped up this past weekend after years on air, and its finale was a rather touching one. The episode ended with Ash and Pikachu leaving Alola on a plane to return to the Kanto region. The farewell was a sad one for fans to watch, but they did get to see how different Pokemon work on planes.

In one meme-worth scene, fans can see a Shuckle sitting in a seat next to his trainer. The pair look plenty happy to be on their way, but Shuckle took their safety very seriously. The Pokemon is buckled up in his seat, so fans are loving this little guy.

The scene shows several other adorable asides such as an Oshawott asleep in his trainer's lap. The napping Pokemon is covered in a blanket, and that is not all. A Slowpoke can be seen sitting in a full seat next to its trainer, and one person has their Jigglypuff stowed up a seat as it naps.

This cute scene shows off the most mundane of things have been altered in The Pokemon Universe to suit its creatures, and fans are loving it. Sure, some trainers could fly on their partners to their next destination but Pokemon get tired too. This Shuckle is most definitely thrilled to be on a plane, but the word is out on whether a Charizard would be cleared to board.


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Pokemon: The Series is currently scheduled to premiere November 17th in Japan. One of the biggest changes for this new series is the second protagonist, Gou, voiced by Daiki Yamashita. He and Ash will go on their journeys together, and soon we'll all find out what this next era of the Pokemon anime has in store for old and new fans.