Pokemon Fan Shares Public Apology After Expressing Love for Team Rocket

Pokemon isn't a series you would think gets dramatic, but the franchise can be more intense than you'd expect. Over the years, the series has handled its fair share of drama, and controversy has poked at Pokemon in the most random moments. Now, it seems a strange report has come out about one Pokemon fan and a publicly apology they had to make about their love for Team Rocket.

Recently, Sora News 24 posted an article detailing a strange case abroad which has turned heads. The report shares the story of an unnamed man employed at Guangzhou Central Sports. The company is one which sets up sporting events around the country, and the employee took to social media to share their love for the one and only Team Rocket. However, it turns out his post got him into serious trouble which prompted him to publicly apologize on behalf of his work.

On the site WeChat, the employee said he's always been a fan of Team Rocket despite their villain status. “I love Team Rocket! No matter how many people say they’re bad guys, I’ve loved them since I was a little kid," the man shared.

"No matter how many times they fail, they get back up and keep chasing after their dreams, and seeing them do that gives me courage too. Thank you, Jessie, James, and Meowth.”


However, the post drew ire abroad and prompted the man's employer to issue a statement apologizing for the post's content as it contained "inappropriate content that adversely affects society." The apology came along with a signed letter from the man himself apologizing for his words, and fans of Pokemon were left confused by Sora News 24's report.

As it turns out, the real controversy stems from Team Rockets and the post's possible ties to the Houston Rockets. Recently, the U.S. basketball team stirred up controversy after its general manager commented on the ongoing conditions in Hong Kong. The controversy drew national attention, and in Chinese, the spelling for Team Rocket and the NBA team are the same. The employee also included an image of both Team Rocket and a screen shot of an article discussing the sports snafu. In order to clear up any confusion, an apology was called for by locals which the man offered up along with his employer. You might not think professing your love for Team Rocket would be controversial, but it turns out anything goes these days when your sharing anything personal online.