'Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon' Announces Short Break

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon will soon be entering another arc as Ash and the others end their major battles with Legendary Pokemon and beasts, but before that unfortunately, the series will be having a short hiatus.

Getting ready to debut at its new Sunday timeslot, Pokemon's anime will be taking a three week break until its October 7 new time premiere.

There are many changes coming to the Pokemon anime, so this short break will be tough for many fans to bear that's for sure. But the time away from the series will better hype fans for all the new things coming in the series' new arc. Though there are no details as to what the new arc will bring, the first look at it shows a big event for Pikachu coming up.

Along with the new episode preview, the series revealed a new key visual teasing the return of Brock and Misty to the series, the official debut of Hau (main rival in the Sun and Moon video games), and potential new Pokemon joining the main group. October will also feature Kenryu Horiuchi, who will be taking over the role of Professor Oak after the unfortunate passing of former Oak voice actor, Unsho Ishizuka.


But while new episodes of the anime are some time away, there's still a chance to enjoy classic episodes of the series along with many other fans. If you're itching for more Pokemon right now, Twitch is airing a special marathon for the series that will explore all nine seasons of the series. Between now and October 22, fans can watch along with others as fans relive some of the series most fun, and even saddest moments.

You can currently find the marathon in the midst of Pokemon: The Johto Journeys which began on September 10, and Pokemon: Johto League Champions beginning on September 17. The following week, Pokemon: Master Quest starts, and then on Oct. 1 Pokemon Advanced. Each of the following weeks introduces another season -- Pokemon: Advanced Challenge, Pokemon: Advanced Battle and Pokemon: Battle Frontier. Check out Twitch for the exact schedule.