Pokemon Cosplay Recreates Bea's Fight In The Wild Area

Pokemon: Twilight Wings has given us the brutal story of the Gym Leader Bea who entered the Wild Area in order to become stronger, with one cosplayer deciding to gloriously recreate her difficult journey. Following her defeat at the hands of the current champion, Leon, the gym leader of the Galar Region finds herself at an impasse. Taking her fighting type pocket monsters with her on this new adventure, her adventure is chronicled in the second episode of the spin-off series in glorious detail!

Throughout the brief animated episode, Bea goes the distance in her attempts to improve her skills as a trainer. Fighting alongside, and sometimes with, her Pokemon of Machamp, Machoke, and Machop, Bea clearly has what it takes to bounce back from her defeat and once again become a force in the Galar region. Aside from the Pokemon attacks that she and her partners face in this installment, they also must battle the elements of the Wild Area. With torrential storms and deadly cave-ins threatening their well being, Bea and her Pokemon ultimately make it through and succeed at defeating the challenges of this area of the Galar Region!

Instagram Photographer Lagoon.Photo shared this impressive cosplay from Kei_Knight, editing it so that the agile Poke-fan brings Bea to life by battling her fighting type Pokemon that assisted her in recovering from her defeat at the hands of Leon within the Wild Area:


Trainers such as Ash Ketchum, Leon, and so many others that we've come to know as a part of the Pokemon franchise have certainly gone through their own trials and tribulations but Bea definitely took things to a brand new level by fist fighting against her pocket monsters! With Leon having already made his debut in the main anime series of Pokemon, perhaps we will see Bea pitting her new found strength against Ash Ketchum, solidifying her place in the franchise.

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