Viral Photo Shows Why You Shouldn't Mess with Someone's Pokemon Card Collection

When it comes down to Pokemon, you shouldn't mess around. There are plenty of fans who take their collections real seriously, so they do not take kindly to anyone trolling them. If you don't think that isn't the case, then we have something that will change your mind.

Taking to Reddit, fans began buzzing after a certain meme made its way around. The image shows the consequences that can happen if you try to disturb someone when they're checking out their Pokemon trading card collection. And as you can see below, this is not a situation you'd like to get into.

It is a bit - well - sticky, after all.

Disturbing your siblings from r/instantkarma

As you can see above, the photo shows a young boy crying after he has been duct taped to a chair. According to the post, the boy was held down by his older siblings after he tried messing up their Pokemon trading card display.

"My two older children were trying to lay out all of their Pokemon cards, but the youngest kept intervening, so they duct taped him to a chair."

To the right, fans can see the Pokemon card collection in question. A few kids are seen in their home laying out cards in a strategic pattern. You can see why they'd be upset with someone trying to stop them. Still, it is a little extreme duct taping someone to a chair over Pokemon, but fans know Ash has gone further for the sake of pocket monsters.


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