Cartoon Network Trademark Filings Could Hint At New Adventure Time And Powerpuff Girls Series

A new trademark filing by Cartoon Network could be a first hint that new Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time series are on the way. In a new report by an outlet that monitors Cartoon Network news, there have been apparently been filings for two new projects: Powerpuff World and Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake. It's unclear whether these are new series meant to air on Cartoon Network, or (based on the filings) if these couldn't be some kind of other multimedia project or product - perhaps some combination of both. Of course, Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time are two franchises with big, passionate, fanbases, so there are a lot of questions right now.

Based on what the filling says on TradeMarkia, Powerpuff World is listed as "Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities... namely, a multimedia program series featuring comedy, action and adventure distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media."

The name "Powerpuff World" and that listing above leave enough room for the conclusion that true to its name, the program could be more of an educational program. It wouldn't be hard to have the Powerpuff Girls characters (or new ones created in that universe) to help teach kids about the world and other cultures, science, history, etc.

Powerpuff Girls Adventure Time Fionna Cake New Series Cartoon Netwark Trademarks

Then again, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake has the same exact listing as Powerpuff World, so the educational mention could just be a standard legal filing by WarnerMedia. Adventure Time fans love the Fionna & Cake series-in-series storyline of Adventure Time, the titular duo being gender-swapped versions of Finn and Jake, who exist as part of the Ice King's gender-swapping fan-fiction adaptation of the show's characters and events. Over the course of the series there have been some fan-favorite Fionna & Cake episodes and references, and many Adventure Time fans have been hoping to see them get a spinoff of some sort. That's all to say: if this is Fionna & Cake trademark filing is for anything less than a new show, a lot of fans may be disappointed.


The Powerpuff Girls filing is also harder to estimate as WarnerMedia also has the Powerpuff Girls live-action series in development for The CW. After the troubled production Powerpuff has suffered just to get a pilot made, it doesn't seem like WarnerMedia would launch a competing animated series in the same time window. However, a complementary series that helps rekindle the Powerpuff Girls brand (in format possibly more fan-friendly than the live-action series) would be much more helpful.