Re:Zero Season 2 Will Stream on Crunchyroll

It wasn't long ago that fans learned something was about to hit Re:Zero in the worst way. As the [...]

It wasn't long ago that fans learned something was about to hit Re:Zero in the worst way. As the novel coronavirus makes its way around the globe, the pandemic has prompted unprecedented closures and mandates of social distancing. In Japan, the anime industry has been impacted in several ways, and one consequence has caused Re:Zero season two to be delayed until later this year. But thanks to Crunchyroll, fans have at least learned the season will stream in the U.S. once the show goes live.

The news broke not long ago thanks to an official statement from Crunchyroll. The anime streaming giant confirmed it would simulcast Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - as soon as its second season is live.

Currently, Crunchyroll is slated to stream Re:Zero in North America as well as Central America, Europe, Africa, South America, Oceania, and more. A trailer was even released for season two to keep fans hyped despite the show's delay.

Earlier this year, fans learned Re:Zero would be getting delayed after a bout of speculation. The season was originally meant to debut in April but has since moved to July due to COVID-19. The team behind Re:Zero said the "global issues of the COVID-19 coroanvirus illness have had a big effect on thee production" of season two. However, the studio is confident a July 2020 release will work for the much-anticipated title.

There is no word on how long this pandemic will continue to impose delays on projects, but the push which Re:Zero received has ended well enough. Sure, fans will not be treated to a new season in a matter of days, but the team working on the release will have time to work, recover, and rest during this ordeal. And when the new season is finally ready to go live, Crunchyroll will be here to keep fans all around the world connected to the show!

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