Rick & Morty Announces Adidas Collab in New Video

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Rick & Morty certainly hasn't been shy about being a part of endorsement deals in the past, with the Smith Family teaming up with the likes of Wendy's, Pringles, and even video games such as Death Stranding to form unique partnerships. Now, the Adult Swim classic has new Adidas shoes of its own with a new animated video seeing both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith teaming up with some major soccer players for an adventure that hilariously plays out in a new video.

The new sneakers, titled "X Speedportal", are available now on Adidas' official website and come in a number of styles while mostly retaining the color scheme of the portals created by the grandfather of the Smith Family. In helping to promote the new shoes, football players around the world have taken part in the deal while also making appearances in the new video, including the likes of Mohamed Salah, Vivianne Medema, and Lionel Messi to name a few. 

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You can watch the hilarious crossover between Rick & Morty and the world of football, aka soccer, below as Morty jumps onto the field and gives us a hilarious new adventure that runs for around a minute and a half:

Here's how Adidas describes the new shoe made in conjunction with Adult Swim's Rick & Morty:

"Good players create time and space. Great ones leave them both behind. Unlock multidimensional speed in Adidas X Speedportal. Sleek and super-comfortable, these soccer cleats support instant reactions with a springy, full-length Carbitex carbon plate on their firm ground outsole. The laceless, foot-hugging Adidas PRIMEKNIT upper includes EVA inserts on the inside and a lightweight carbon heel lock on the outside to keep you stable during light-speed play."

For fans of the Smith Family, Cartoon Network originally confirmed that the sixth season of the animated series would be arriving on Adult Swim at some point this year, though a release date and story details are few and far between at this point. Considering how the fifth season came to a close last year, there are certainly more than a few questions that fans are hoping to have answered when the series makes a comeback.

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