Rick & Morty Goes Full Power Rangers with Super Sentai Gag

Rick And Morty's Fourth Season's return date is still up in the air, though it is slated to debut [...]

Rick And Morty's Fourth Season's return date is still up in the air, though it is slated to debut at some point this year in 2020, but that isn't stopping the series from emerging in unique ways, as one Adult Swim promo blasts the franchise into the world of Super Sentai and the Power Rangers! Super Sentai, for those who don't know, is the genre that first inspired the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers franchise here in North America. Originally premiering in Japan under the "Super Sentai Series" banner, the world of these transforming heroes has expanded ever since its debut and has now influenced this latest Cartoon Network commercial!

The first half of Rick And Morty's Fourth Season did in fact have a nice nod to the Super Sentai series in itself, wherein Rick Sanchez piloted a giant robot version of himself, looking to eradicate an alien who was consistently using his private toilet. Thanks to Rick's affinity for technology, we've seen a number of alien weapons and machines that would fit right into the world of Power Rangers, were they not wielded by a drunken scientist with emotional difficulties. Whenever the series makes its return, we're sure to see more technology from Rick just as we have in the previous seasons of the runaway smash hit from Adult Swim!

Rick And Morty's Official Twitter Account shared the recently created promo for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, showing the dynamic duo piloting a giant mech suit ala the Super Sentai heroes to battle a giant monster that is currently threatening the series:

What needs to be said about Power Rangers and its history, with the series having taken over the small screen for decades and even venturing to the silver screen a handful of times, with the most recent feature length film recreating the franchise from the ground floor up. Though a sequel for this film was originally in the cards, it looks like those plans fell to the wayside. The Super Sentai series and its North American counterpart continue to march forward and its clear that its influence is strong as ever, with gags such as this being used by some of the biggest series around!

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