Rick and Morty Releases Music Video for Morty's Emotional Break Up

Rick and Morty released an emotional music video for the backing track for Morty's big break up in [...]

Rick and Morty released an emotional music video for the backing track for Morty's big break up in Season 5's newest episode! The fifth season of the fan favorite Adult Swim animated series might have been a hit with fans for the first two episodes, but the third episode has gotten the biggest reaction yet as Morty had both fallen in and out of his first real romantic relationship in the series. While Morty has had some success with his romantic pursuits in the past, it was a much different case when he met Planetina and her Tina-Teers.

Morty and Planetina got into a very intense romantic relationship very quickly, and the episode then hit even harder when it came to an end. Realizing that the two of them were not as compatible as he had first thought, Morty had broken up with Planetina. This was backed throughout the episode with the original song, "Flowers" as performed by Ryan Elder and Mark Mallman, and you can check out a special music video Adult Swim put together for it in the video above!

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 3 Morty Planetina
(Photo: Adult Swim)

The third episode of the fifth season picked up from the idea in the premiere that freed up Morty from his crush on Jessica, and it brought him to Planetina. Instantly falling from her after seeing her in action at the beginning of the episode, he completely devoted himself to her as the two quickly fell in love with one another in a very intense fashion. But as Morty discovered through their time together, they were a poor fit as they brought out the worst qualities in one another.

This led to Morty breaking Planetina's heart at the end of the episode, and crying in the arms of his mother. The single "Flowers" is not only a reference to the Morty shaped flower arrangement that Planetina had crafted for him, but also to the fact that their love quickly bloomed and died just as fast. With Morty facing such an emotional ordeal, fans can't wait to see what happens from this point forward as he potentially takes on new romances.

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