Rick and Morty Sparks Beth's Most Shocking Love Affair in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty is back up and running with the third episode of Season 6, and quite a lot has gone down already this season! The sixth season picked up right where everything left off and added even more massive reveals that could change the course of the series moving forward. Although the second episode seemed to be a lighter and more episodic fare, at the same time it also got to the root of the chaos in Morty and Rick's ever changing relationship. That raised all sorts of questions over what could be coming next as there's still an entire Smith family to evolve. 

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 3 is titled "Bethic Twinstinct" and the first looks at the new episode leading to its premiere set up an episode that could really go either way. With it being the season's Thanksgiving special in particular, and featuring more of Space Beth after teasing we'd get to see more of her in action moving forward, there's all sorts of exciting elements leading into the episode itself! Here's a breakdown of everything important that took place during Episode 3 of the season: 

(Photo: Adult Swim)
  • It's the thanksgiving episode (as Rick enters as a turkey after being pardoned, like his plan from Season 5) as Morty reveals Space Beth has come to visit and has brought a very realistic gaming console. Rick doesn't want to stick around, but both Beths bug him into it. Jerry gives a very bummer of a toast that implies he would end his own life if something happened to their marriage again. 
  • The two Beths connect once more as the two of them connect on a deeper level as the both of them know exactly how each of them operate. Meanwhile, Rick, Morty and Summer play the games on the console and crack its realism settings all the way to the max. Later that night, the two Beths meet on the outside and there's a spark of almost romantic tension between the two of them as they crack each others back. Then they almost kiss before it's revealed that Summer saw them almost connecting in that way. 
  • The next day Summer decides to fully throw herself into the gaming console (as she and Rick play a version of Street Fighter), and she gets a little suspicious of the Beths as they head out into deep space for ice cream. The two Beths then float above the Earth in their space suits as Space Beth reveals that they should open up completely to one another as each other is the only one who could understand. It's here they then start making out in full following the two of them getting much closer. 
  • Morty happens to spot them making out, and he too decides to fully playing the realistic video games alongside Summer. Through this the two of them relay to one another that they figured out what's happening with their moms while also trying not to say it...especially what it would mean for their dad. When confiding in her dad, Rick tells her that everything basically happens as it does, but he warns what it could mean if Beth continues lying to her family in order to keep her new affair afloat. 
  • It continues, naturally. Beth confides in Space Beth about telling Rick, and they try to figure out whether or not they have to tell the rest of their family. It's here that they don't know whether or not they've fallen in love with themselves. Jerry's still oblivious about the situation as Summer and Morty try and get Jerry to join in and avoid learning the truth. The two Beths then try to figure out whether or not their future would work out by exploring it in the holo deck. Soon, Rick, Morty, and Summer confront the two about their affair. 
  • Space Beth pushes back against telling Jerry about it as they have had to force themselves into their roles for so long, and following this the two Beths start to argue against one another. It's here Space Beth fully confesses about their affair, and it gets Jerry thinking about the past. He's warned as a kid about Beth's fierceness, and his younger self was all into this idea. Soon it's revealed that Jerry could roll into a shell like a pillbug over the revelation as Rick installed it previously. 
  • Rick reveal that Jerry most wanted in the world an emotional protection system, and thus Rick can't even reverse it as Jerry activated this form to protect himself and he's locked within a mass of nerves. The two Beths start to argue over their fracturing affair in the response to Jerry shelling himself off, and they can't really accept that this is how it ends for the both of them. Thus as a result, the two Beths want to completely forget the memories of their affair while Rick tells the two of them that this will mean the rest of the family will remember everything anyway. 
  • Jerry comes out of the pillbug and insists that he'll be leaving Beth instead, and while they try to argue against him, the two Beths figure out that the root of his problem with everything was that they didn't tell him about the affair in the first place. It's here that Jerry and Space Beth's sexual tastes align and it kicks off a whole new relationship between the three of them as Rick, Summer, and Morty are left eating Thanksgiving dinner in awkward silence while hearing it from the other room. 
  • They try to push through the awkward conversation and instead emotionally break down as they can't escape with the use of their portals. Soon after, Space Beth leaves and Rick hides away the liquor that started this all off to begin with. Following the credits, Jerry returns to the Jerryboree and he gets turned down because what he ultimately wanted to do was find another Jerry and kiss him. He's able to do so in the alley outside. 

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