Sanrio Turns Favorite Mascot Into A Zombie for Halloween

The living dead's grip on the world of pop culture seemingly grows more with each year. Zombies continue to appear in television shows, movies, and especially video games on an almost weekly basis. Now, the undead have found their way into the world of Sanrio, attempting to transform the popular golden retriever, PomPomPurin, into a zombie that will stalk the living in search of warm flesh. Specifically, Puroland will be the destination wherein the golden dog and the hordes of flesh eaters come face to face within the borders of this theme park. What surprises are in story for attendees and the Sanrio character?

News Outlet SoraNews24 shared the details regarding this upcoming event at Puroland on their Official Twitter Account, detailing what will happen during this unleashing of the undead when the event takes place past Halloween, within the month of November:

Obviously, Sanrio's biggest character is Hello Kitty, with the albino feline becoming one of the most popular characters the world over, as well as the most profitable aside from Pikachu. Sanrio itself doesn't just rely on their trademarked cat, but has hundreds of characters to their name that can help spread their brand across merchandise and numerous entertainment mediums. PomPomPurin happens to be a friendly golden retriever who has a habit of collecting shoes and sports a brown beret everywhere he goes.

Mixing this cute and cuddly canine with a horde of the living dead is certainly a strange decision, but the theme park hopes to wrangle in a fresh gathering of attendees each night with the spooky themed nights. Tickets will retail for around $27 USD but keep in mind that if you're looking to attend this graveyard smash, only 1,000 people will be allowed in each night during its two week tenure.

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Sanrio's upcoming anime series for their most popular property, Hello Kitty, is currently scheduled for a release in 2021, and each episode will run about 11 minutes or so. Titled The World of Hello Kitty, the series will run for 52 episodes and is officially described as such:

The World of Hello Kitty will feature the famous titular character along with her friends from the Sanrio universe as they try to live in harmony in their not-so-quiet neighbourhood. Kitty's friends are all very different and they each have their little quirks, so their tight-knit community is often put to the test. But at the end of the day, Kitty always brings them back together, because she accepts her friends for who they are.”