'The Seven Deadly Sins' Just Introduced Its Season 2 Villains

It has been a few years since The Seven Deadly Sins brought out its first season, and the second [...]

It has been a few years since The Seven Deadly Sins brought out its first season, and the second just made it debut. Over in Japan, the beloved shonen series made its return, and the rambling premiere ended with a bang.

After all, the anime revealed its latest villains, and they all mean business.

When the season two premiere came to an end, fans watched as Hendrickson opened up the portal holding back the long-feared demon race. The rogue Holy Knight came to after being knocked out by the blast, but Hendrickson didn't expect to wake to what he did. The man learned his son was hijacked by a demon but that is not even the worst part.

No, the biggest bomb drops when the Ten Commandments make their debut with Zeldris.

Fans were shown a series of demons before the anime left off on an intimidating still. The premiere ended with Zeldris coming forward and mentioning Meliodas by name. The character's interest in the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins had some scratching their heads, but manga readers aren't confused.

Zeldris is an elite warrior from the fabled Demon Clan, and he is actually one of Meliodas' younger brothers. The pair both share superb leadership skills, but Zeldris is noticeably more volatile than Meliodas. After the elder walked away from the Demon Clan, Zeldris grew to resent Meliodas for his betrayal, and the warrior has since become one of the Ten Commandment's strongest members.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments deals with the Ten Commandments, ten powerful warriors each chosen by the Demon King and bear a powerful curse known as a "Commandment." It gives them enhanced strength, but will curse them should they break one of the Demon King's rules. The Ten Commandments lived 3000 years ago until a betrayal from one of their members led to them being sealed in the Coffin of the Eternal Darkness.

For those unfamiliar with The Seven Deadly Sins, the series was created by Nakaba Suzuki. It follows the story of Elizabeth, third princess of a kingdom that has been taking over by the Holy Knights after staging a coup. She leaves in search of The Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who had defended the kingdom ten years ago who had disbanded after they were blamed for plotting against the kingdom. Though the Holy Knights had said the Seven Sins had been slain, Elizabeth eventually meets their leader Meliodas.

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